The Gift of Content

by Lisa Picarille on December 21, 2010


With the holiday season finally here, I realized that I’ve spent much of the last few months thinking about gifts for family and friends. It’s been all about picking out the perfect present for each individual.

I’ve noticed that there seems to be a correlation between people that are good gift givers and people who create great content. In fact, I’ve personally observed that many of my favorite content creators in the online space are also great gift givers. I feel blessed to have experienced their generosity and thoughtfulness on both fronts.

Creating great content requires knowledge of your audience and the ability to generate thoughtful, compelling, unique and entertaining content. These are the same traits of a great gift giver.

You don’t want to give readers of your travel blog posts, articles and podcasts about sports without making it relevant to travel. The same idea applies to your 80-year old aunt - she may need new boots, but it’s unlikely that she wants the same Ugg boots as your 17-year old niece as a gift. Content, like gifts, need to be aimed at your specific audience.

In a way delivering good content is like giving your audience a gift. When it’s well done, the audience gets something that is neatly packaged, presented in a visually appealing manner and contains something valuable to them.

It’s so obvious when extra thought and care is put into both gifts and content and I’m very appreciative of the attention to detail in both cases. Related posted and good photos and images are like nice wrapping paper and matching bow. They complete the package. It also doesn’t hurt if there’s a slight element of surprise.

And while it’s wonderful to be the recipient of a great gift, it’s even more rewarding to be the giver. Having people “like” a post you made, share an article you wrote or pass your content onto a friend often sparks a nice, warm feeling. You know the old adage…it’s better to give than to receive. I think that’s also true when it comes to content.

So, in this season of giving, why not give your audience the gift of high-quality content? It’s the gift that keeps on giving for you as a content creator and for your audience.

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